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Head and Tail Light

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Headlight Covers

Prevent hazy lenses with our precut, adhesive-backed film covers. Available in clear and colors. Details:

Are you ready to upgrade your headlights to create a look of distinction unlike any other? At Complete Window Tinting, we use top of the line Lamin-x headlight covers that are currently trending the aftermarket scene. Not only do these headlight covers look good, but they offer improved protection against the unforgiving road. Let our trustworthy staff install your custom headlight covers today to safeguard your investment!

At Complete Window Tinting, our high quality transparent lens film is a flexible vinyl material with adhesive backing. It adds a unique look to your headlights, while retaining the stock shape. In addition to the added protection you will receive from rocks and other road debris, our headlight covers prevent the hazy, yellow appearance caused by UV radiation and inferior headlight materials. Our product is low maintenance and car wash safe. We recommend this for anyone looking to get added protection for their vehicles.

The Options:

We offer many options for customization. Our headlight covers come precut for both the left and right sides of your specific vehicle headlamps and fog lamps. You can choose Clear for invisible protection and/or Color films to add a bold unique style.

• Yellow: Projects a bright yellow light; 12 mils thick
• Optic Blue: HID effect, bright white light, with a subtle blue hue; 12 mils thick
• Clear: Invisible and strong; Stops yellowing and hazing; 12 mils thick
• Tint: Subtle tinted effect for front lighting. Tinted only 7%; 12 mils thick
• Gunsmoke: A darker, smoke-out effect for front lighting. Tinted only 12%;12 mils thick


Tail Light Covers

Give your tail lights some style with our various smoke-out films. Details:

Our high quality tail light covers offer you nothing short of beauty and protection. Instead of spending money for replacement tail lights after a spray tint gone bad, simply purchasing a set of our tail light covers is the more practical solution. Give your ride a customized, stylish look that can reflect your taste and preference. Whether you are looking to sleek up your ride or turn it into a muscle machine, we have a tail light cover to suit your needs.

Our tail light covers are made of a pliable, yet strong poly vinyl with an adhesive-backing for peel and apply installation. All you have to do is choose the tail light covers with the style and features that you're looking for and have us install your new film covers today!

The Options:

• Tint: At 6%, it’s the perfect tent to “tone it down a bit”; 12 mils thick
• Gunsmoke: Our medium smoked film at 12% and 12 mils thick;
great for clear or chrome tail lights
• Smoked: Our medium dark film at 17%t and 12 mils thick; perfect for red tail lights
• Charcoal: Our black-out film at 30%; 12 mils thick
• Red: To give that consistent red look; great for custom designs ; 17 mils thick

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